Why Write Demand Letters and What They Do.


Why Write Demand Letters and What Do They Do.

You never know what you might get until you ask is an old saying and for the most part its true. When an issue comes up, whether you are an individual or a business, you want it resolved and you want it done quickly. It makes no sense to make the process painful, costly, time consuming and a nightmare. In our opinion and as a Seattle area business lawyers, a formal demand letter https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demand_letter is a proper solution to resolve your disputes whether you are an individual or business seeking resolution. When properly drafted by an attorney, a well written demand letter serves a few purposes.

  1. It’s a concise way to convey your position and what you want without letting emotions getting involved. Though you may feel very strongly about your position and your interests, a well written demand letter conveys the issues and your expectation without letting emotion get involved. Imagine if your discussion of the matter with the other side were to be escalated by tempers or anger. Emotions tend to cloud good judgment. In our opinion, a demand letter lets clients step away from emotions and other issues by forcing them to articulate what they actually want. This process is a one to two hour discussion with a competent business law attorney. Rhodes Legal Group, PLLC is a Seattle area based business law firm. https://rhodeslegalgroup.com/business-law-seattle-attorneys/

It tells the other side that you mean business. Sure, you can draft the letter yourself and it could possibly resolve your matter. However, when an experienced business law attorney drafts one on your behalf, it comes with a weighted punch that makes a statement that says “I am really serious and I have retained an attorney who has my back and will fight to protect my interests.” An attorney can also have a draft of a complaint sent with the demand letter or at least threaten to file a complaint if the matter is not resolved. This gives even more power to the weighted punch by threatening litigation and can be quite alarming when read by the other side.

  1. It’s an efficient and cost effective method of starting the settlement and resolution process. No one truly wants to go to court. It takes a lot of time, money, preparation, and it can be stressful. Get the ball rolling in the resolution process so you can see where both sides are at. In our opinion, as business lawyers in the Seattle area, what you pay for a solid demand letter is nothing compared to what you would probably pay in litigating the matter.

A business law attorney is generally motivated to make progress and move deals and negotiations forward. In my opinion, business law attorneys are very well suited for writing demand letters since the entire process is a negotiation or business deal. For more information on Seattle area business law, visit https://rhodeslegalgroup.com/business-law-seattle-attorneys/

Rhodes Legal Group, PLLC is a Seattle area based law firm who’s business law practice group is headed by Patrick Kwan, a lawyer and entrepreneur with over 25 years of business experience. For more information of Patrick Kwan and the business law practice group, visit https://rhodeslegalgroup.com/seattle-criminal-law-attorneys/patrick-kwan/ or contact Rhodes Legal Group, PLLC in Seattle at (206)708-7852. Patrick Kwan and the Seattle area business law practice group can be reached at Patrick@rhodeslegalgroup.com

It is possible to write a demand letter without an attorney, but that letter should have the weight and punch behind it. Otherwise the letter is just a simple request. If you are going to try to write your demand letter, it is our opinion that you avoid using a meek and timid voice, use a strong and unwaivering voice that isn’t deterred to state what you want and your position. The process is not difficult, it’s the parties that can be difficult which is why having a business lawyer on your side to manage and negotiate on your behalf can help you shorten what could a lengthy and costly process.



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